Jive Announces New HQ In Pleasant Grove


For Jive Communications, the keyword is growth.

This growth comes in many forms — $100 million in revenue, 700+ employees worldwide, and an ever-expanding presence within the Utah tech community.

Jive’s success has left them with an admittedly first-world problem, finding a building to house their entire Utah-based staff. A rapid rate of expansion has left Jive spread across multiple buildings in Orem, but good news is on the horizon.

At a company-wide weekend retreat in Snowbird, CEO John Pope dropped the big reveal: Jive has begun construction on new headquarters in Pleasant Grove, 52,000 square feet located directly west of the BMW dealership.

Jive is one of the largest, privately-held, cloud communications companies in the nation, and we’re proud to be based in Utah County,” said Pope. “Our employees are hard-working, dedicated, long-term focused, and caring — all of which are reflections of the local culture. We’re excited to bring our teams back together again at a new Utah County home where where we can continue to expand.”

Jive hopes to move into the new building at this time next year, a unified office space for one of the world’s leading unified communications companies. Keep growing, folks. Keep growing.

“This announcement not only signifies a lot of positive growth for our company, but it’s a big deal for our people to get back together under one roof,” said Paul Thatcher, Jive Director of HR.

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