Step right in, Kizik opens Utah retail store

Hands-free just got even better! Kizik has announced the opening of its first retail store, located in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray. The 1,293-sq.-ft. space includes a 38-foot glass storefront and an enormous digital tile screen to show off the signature hands-free movement in action.

If you attended Silicon Slopes Summit '21 or '22 you might remeber people walking around with shoe boxes tucked under their arms. The Kizik booth was a hoppin' place, and everyone wanted to get their hands on some hands-free freshies. It's one thing to see a video or a photo, but it's an entirely different thing to try the shoes on for yourself. With a full lineup of Men's, Women's and Kid's shoes available at the new store, you'll be able to experience the ease and comfort of Kiziks first-hand.

“This is a pivotal moment for Kizik. To be opening our flagship store right down the street from where it all began is humbling and signals a new chapter for the company,” says Kizik CEO Monte Deere. “We’ve seen incredible consumer reception through our e-commerce platform and are excited to provide a point of entry for new adopters of the brand to touch and try on Kizik footwear in a brick-and-mortar setting for the first time.”

The grand opening for the new store will be held May 19 with attendance from Kizik CEO Monte Deere, First Lady Abby Cox (an avid Kizik fan), COO Jason Lee, and Blake Brown, VP of Brand and Creative, among others.

Congrats to Kizik, we can't wait to see what's next for you.

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