Future House Studios works with Niantic, Inc. to announce new pet simulation game Peridot

Pleasant Grove, Utah-based animation, game development, and visual effects company Future House Studios, in conjunction with Niantic, Inc., the company that brought you Pokémon Go, are happy to announce the completion and release of Peridot, an "...entirely novel pet simulation game set in the real world, enriched by the magic of augmented reality and artificial intelligence." (playperidot.com)

The brand new, innovative application allows users to play as "Keeper" with "Dots," completely unique creatures the same way they would with a real pet. Dress it up, teach it tricks, pet it, and play with it, then take photos and videos to share the fun.

Source: playperidot.com

The AI-powered world of the Peridots is made of Dots with their own "genes" that determine what each pet will look like. This engineering feat, known as their “Perigenetics System,” takes the 3D artists skills to the next level with different "...algorithms to generate textures, materials, plumage, horns, and even reshape the ears." (nianticlabs.com) As the Dot grows and matures, the advanced tech changes the Dot the way an actual pet would change, and Future House Studios had a large part in that monumental task.

"Our team of animators, modelers, riggers, and vfx artists helped create the personality and look of these little 'dots," said Adam Sidwell, Game Development Partner at Future House Studios. "We're so grateful to the team at Niantic for letting us be a part of building this AR game."

Congratulations to the team at Future House Studios. To learn more about Future House Studios, visit futurehousestudios.com.

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