Lucidpress Acquired by Charles Thayne Capital

Do you work somewhere with an incredible graphic designer who is backed up forever and you need one tiny thing done to send out an email? You know the struggle. Getting the correct logo, in the right color, with the right elements can be quick and easy with Lucidpress.

Utah-based Lucid Software was doing great, and a particular section of the software was growing so rapidly it needed its own division. Founded in 2014, Lucidpress was created to help users produce on-brand content on the scale they need. Since the division, Lucidpress has grown into an independent business with a strong and steady trajectory.

Owen Fuller, who has served as General Manager since 2017, has recently helped usher the company into a new venture- acquisition. In May of this year, Charles Thayne Capital (CTC), a tech-focused independent investment firm, announced the acquisition of Lucidpress, naming Owen as CEO. In a recent press release, Matt Marsh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CTC said, "We have been close to Owen and the Lucidpress story for a long time. The company's category-defining product and commitment to its customers have earned it a prominent position in an industry undergoing tremendous change."

Owen and the team at Lucidpress have already done well, with plans to improve their product and customer experience even more. “We believe that there is a future ahead where it will be quick and easy for anyone in a company to make on-brand materials,” says Owen. “Not just the marketing team, not just people with really technical skills- but for everybody, whoever you are, to get into templates that are built for you to do your job. From those templates you can create what you need really fast, quickly customize them, have data streaming in, and accomplish your goals.”

So how do you keep your brand united and consistent without bogging down professional designers? Lucidpress is full of features that make it easy- even for someone with little design experience. Lucidpress enables users to keep consistent logos and colors, stay legally compliant and get things done right whether it’s for digital or print formats. The software honors professional designers by giving them the time they need to be creative.

“We believe in empowering the graphic design teams who are outstanding in these businesses,” says Owen. “They’re usually overburdened and have very little time. Now they can build what they want to in Adobe Creative Suite, import that into Lucidpress, and then lock or partially lock it and send it out to everyone. This gives them the time they need to focus on doing what they need to do rather than dealing with a massive backlog of mundane changes.”

Lucidpress starts with a free plan and builds from there, giving access to individuals, then larger teams, all the way to business-wide plans. The acquisition will help Lucidpress continue to grow, and rebranding is also in the works. To learn more about Lucidpress, click here.

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