Slalom Opens SLC Location

Global companies like Slalom don’t decide to open an office in Utah on a whim. Troy Johnson, Slalom Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder as well as the team at Slalom saw the rapid growth and development in Utah and Salt Lake City and knew it was the place to be. That’s why in May the $2.2B modern consulting firm announced plans to open a Salt Lake City office, bringing its extensive expertise and about 100 jobs with it.

In a recent press release from Slalom Troy Johnson said, “Salt Lake City and Silicon Slopes are driving innovation worldwide and we’re committed to accelerating that growth. In the past year, we’ve seen newer, entrepreneurial organizations rapidly scaling, while other businesses and public sector organizations are reinventing themselves to better serve customers in a digital age. Businesses need a partner to help them speed up transformation and Slalom is the ideal partner.”

We know Utah is thriving even amidst the upheaval of the pandemic, bringing with it an influx of tech-centered companies. Slalom has a complete suite of offerings to help with concept development, strategy, innovation, and more, and works well in many different industries. Isla Bragg, General Manager of the Salt Lake office, is ready to welcome talent within the state of Utah. “We try to serve from within the community,” says Isla. “My job is to build that local team of Salt Lake City based consultants who are dedicated to serving organizations here in the community. We have the ability to forge long term relationships and trust over time and that means a lot to our consultants. They know they’re working to make their city and local businesses and communities better places to work and live. It also means that we get to engage with the community more directly. Working with charities, non profit, public sector- causes that we’re passionate about- improving the places we live.”

Isla Bragg- General Manager, Slalom SLC

Isla shared that Slalom is values driven and purpose led, its mantra being, “Do what is right, always,” and that the company scores high on the best places to work lists. “With Slalom, it is never just about the project at hand – it’s about investing in people, communities, and client success.” ( Slalom cares about the welfare of their employees, sure, but they also care deeply about the communities they serve. Slalom is working with Utah State University to introduce a consulting minor, helping with what we hope will be a positive impact on the Utah community as a whole.
Having been started in 2001, Slalom has grown at a record pace. Its clients include more than half of the fortune 100 companies, and partners with top tech providers like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Tableau. We’re happy to welcome Slalom to Utah. To learn more, visit

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