Malouf Foundation Acquires Impact Collective LLC

For Utah-based company Malouf, helping customers sleep better is their top priority, but there’s more to it than great sleep. The company reaches out to those in need through their non-profit charity, the Malouf Foundation. The foundation’s flagship cause is the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation of children. They fund rescue missions, donate bedding for aftercare centers, and provide educational and employment opportunities for survivors. Because the Malouf Foundation is a key pillar of their business, CEO Sam Malouf has brought in other like-minded businesses, like the recent acquisition of Impact Collective, LLC, another Utah-based company with a passion for helping others.

Clay Olsen of Impact Collective has worked with his team to develop a series of apps called Recovery Suite, used to help those recovering or healing from behavioral or mental health issues. Olsen and Malouf met a few years ago and kept in touch, and when Malouf shifted to focus on fighting child sexual exploitation, Olsen and Malouf reconnected and felt the time was right to join together. Now they’re combining forces to make a bigger impact than ever before.

Impact Collective will be based in the Malouf headquarters and, although both businesses will work separately, they will be able to collaborate and support one another in joint causes.

Both Sam Malouf and Clay Olsen are united in their fight and will continue to bring awareness and do their part to help. To learn more about the Malouf Foundation visit To learn more about Impact Collective visit

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