New CMO Todd Smith Joins Traeger Nation

“Traeger Nation”
The term gives a new meaning to the fans of the popular wood pellet grill that has taken the grilling world by storm. What was once thought of as an intimidating and masculine dominated place has given way to an all inclusive family of foodies and home chefs, and they’re just getting warmed up.

Traeger was started in 1987 by Joe Traeger and in 2014 was acquired by now-CEO Jeremy Andrus and private-equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners. From there, Traeger has seen a steep trajectory up, with growth and innovation coming at breakneck speed. Recently, Traeger has hired Todd Smith as its new Chief Marketing Officer, and great things are sure to come.

With huge brands like Vitamin Water and Powerade under his belt, Smith has industry experience and knows how to take a product and make it seen. “I like working with disruptive brands- brands that take a stagnant market, like grilling, and bring it to the forefront,” said Smith. Currently, Traeger has a strong foothold in the outdoor cooking scene, and Smith is ready to take it to the next level. With strong leadership skills and and a forward-thinking mindset, Smith has big plans to solidify Traeger as the lifestyle brand that it has already started to be. “Todd’s ability to build and lead great teams to do innovative things will help strengthen what it means to be part of Traeger Nation.” said CEO Jeremy Andrus.

In addition to the growth that Traeger has seen, Smith hopes to spread the brand far and wide, making it a worldwide sensation. “I hope to really continue the momentum and introduce more consumers to the products. [Traeger] can revolutionize the outdoor cooking experience- not just grilling, and create an iconic lifestyle brand,” said Smith. “For me, building brands, coaching and building team members, and bringing innovation is what I love to do. This company is just as strong on the inside as it is on the outside. It’s a team environment that’s really special, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.”

Smith will join the Traeger team in its Salt Lake City headquarters. For more information on Traeger Grills or new CMO Todd Smith, visit

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