Oops Raises $5 Million Seed Round

Have you ever needed to make a return but struggled with the inconvenience of leaving your house, packing up the kids in the car, and then paying to mail the return? Utah-based company Oops is solving this problem and enables you to schedule a pickup time, put your item on the porch, and let Oops take over from there.

"We have an incredible opportunity to close the loop in logistics and enable a novel shopping experience where retail happens entirely from the home," explains Joseph Hatch, President of Oops.

With the help of EPIC Ventures, Maverick Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Village Global, and other angel investors, Utah-based Oops recently raised a $5 million seed round. Oops serves customers from Ogden to Spanish Fork, and customers can easily return items via the mobile app or the Oops website.

Oops is a customer-centered company focused on helping busy parents find more time to spend with their families. "Standing in line at Best Buy or Home Depot is not the best way to interact with my kids," says Jonathan Crawley, CEO of Oops. "Particularly as a working parent, quality time is really valuable for me, and doing returns just sucked that time away."

Oops is also focused on sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, striving to make sure all returns make it back on the shelves. In the press release, Jonathan states that 55% of returns will not make it back on the company's shelves, and his team is striving to resolve this issue.

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