PcCareSupport Acquired by Upshift Capital

PcCareSupport is winning with customers and delivering a strong value proposition for its partners.

Upshift Capital has acquired a controlling interest in PcCareSupport, a Provo-based technology support startup founded by Ryan Westwood, Isaac Westwood, Scott Peterson, and David Griffin.

The terms of the acquisition were undisclosed. Upshift Capital is a private investment conduit for investors closely related to Mercato Partners, a prominent local growth capital provider.

According to Westwood and Upshift Capital, PcCareSupport has experienced growth profitably since its inception, and is currently on pace to add $500,000 in recurring revenue.

“PcCareSupport is winning with customers and delivering a strong value proposition for its partners. With this strong management team, the future is nothing but bright,” said Jensen Warnock, who has been named the new CEO of PcCareSupport.

Westwood will continue to be a shareholder and remain strategically active in the business.

“The company is poised for continued strong growth and product expansion. We have successfully recruited Jensen Warnock, former CTO of chargeback.com, to lead the business going forward. He brings the perfect mix of business acumen and technical skill to architect the future of PcCareSupport,” said Westwood.

Westwood is currently developing another early stage company, Outbox Systems. Westwood said Upshift Capital’s acquisition of PcCareSupport will enable him to increase his focus on his job as CEO of Outbox Systems, as well as pursue other endeavors.

Published 6/12/2014

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