Peak Ventures leads $1.1M Seed Round for ClearVoice

By Jordan Phelps

Provo-based Peak Ventures announced a $1.1M seed round investment in ClearVoice, a content marketing solution platform based in Phoenix, Ariz. The round was lead by Peak Ventures with participation from Desert Angels and angel investors. ClearVoice plans to bolster their sales and marketing, and fund more product development with the new funding.

“ClearVoice is clearly offering a superior solution in the market. They have done a phenomenal job building their customer base since launch,” said John Mayfield, Principal at Peak Ventures. “The team had significant interest from investors and many funding options and we’re excited to be partnering with ClearVoice in this next phase of growth.”

ClearVoice is a software and services company that offers content tools, workflow, and a marketplace to support content marketing campaigns. Before this seed round, ClearVoice had not had any external funding. The company is currently on track to exceed $5 million in revenue in its first year.

“We hit the product, revenue, and delivery milestones we set out to achieve,” said ClearVoice co-founder Jay Swansson. “We came to a point where the business proved itself on paper and in practice, and we knew that seeking investment to accelerate growth made sense.”

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