Podium Hits Triple Unicorn Status with $201 Million Funding Announced this Morning

Turns out Silicon Slopes / Utah is not slowing down. Not yet, at least. Here's why.

Early this morning Lehi-based Podium announced it has closed a $201 million Series D round of funding.

With its latest funding round, six-year-old Podium is now worth over $3 billion, pushing it to a mythical Triple Unicorn status.

According to Crunchbase, Podium had previously raised $218 million in funding, the most recent tranche (prior to today) being a Series C round of $125 million back in April 2020.

Participants in today's Series D round of funding was led by YC Continuity and included participation from such other investors as

  • Durable Capital Partners,
  • Arpex Capital,
  • Accel,
  • Album VC*,
  • IVP,
  • Sapphire Ventures,
  • Summit Partners, and
  • Sorenson Capital*.

According to Podium CEO, Eric Rea,

"We see this as a watershed moment for local businesses all over the world, especially as the world opens up again and local businesses are tasked with meeting the changing preferences of consumers who have welcomed digital-first interactions through the pandemic."

Podium helps businesses transition analog operations into digital ones with the goal of helping these enterprises more successfully interact with their customers via integrated communications, comms ranging from

  • Text messaging to website chat, and from
  • Marketing campaigns to payment transactions.

Sounds good to me, Podium.

And keep on rockin'.

* - Signifies Utah-based investment firms

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