Room Here- Running "Together" for Mental Fitness

We all hear the words "mental health", but have you stopped to think about the things you associate with those words? They could be stigmas that have long since been attached to mental illness, or they could be thoughts of wanting to learn more. Room Here is a non-profit organization that is focusing less on mental health and more on mental fitness.

Mental well-being encompasses so much more than a healthy mind. Physical, emotional, and mental harmony are essential parts of the human being as a whole. Utah is in the top five for highest suicide rates by state, a number that should alarm the people who live here. Room Here is calling awareness to this increasing problem, and even in the current pandemic, is working to help those who know people or are suffering from mental and physical stress.

On May 29-31 Room Here is hosting a 5K, but unlike the usual race, this one will be virtual. Simply register at and run "together" with other participants across the state. Runners can print their bib numbers, track, and post results online.

"We talk about mental fitness as the goal because everyone can work on their mental health. From stress to physical health- mental well-being applies to everyone, even if they don't struggle with mental illness," says Room Here co-founder Trent Mano.

Mental fitness is for everyone. Share the registration link and get started on improving yourself and others.

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