SLC-Based Smart Rhino Labs Acquired By Randall-Reilly


I’ve met a few smart rhinos and let me tell you, it’s a real treat. At Hogle Zoo one shook my hand and wished me a pleasant journey in life, another gave me a respectable haircut and tailored a suit to my dimensions. One rhino even opened my palm and read my fortune, whispering about the future in giant, wheezing gulps. Granted he was dead wrong with everything he predicted, but it was impressive nonetheless.

All this being said, the smartest rhino that I personally know is probably Smart Rhino Labs, mainly because it’s a tech company filled with human employees that could run mental circles around any number of large gray beasts. I’m not the only one who thinks this because Randall-Reilly — a B2B data provider headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of Roll Damn Tide and monstrous elephants — has reached an agreement to acquire the recruitment marketing company.

“Smart Rhino Labs has pioneered the use of technology for lead nurturing in truck driver recruiting, among many other things,” said Brent Reilly, CEO of Randall-Reilly. “We have begun to share a growing recruiting client-base for the past two years, and they have been an ideal partner. As we look to evolve our business model and add new capabilities to deliver greater value to our clients, they are a natural fit with our current offerings.”

As part of the elephant-rhino acquisition, Smart Rhino Labs leadership will remain in their current roles: CEO Scott Evanson, COO Ben Paynter, CTO Brett Evanson, CMO Jared Beauchamp. Roll damn tide.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Randall-Reilly,” said Evanson. “After a great partnership and huge client successes together, we see immense opportunities to serve all our clients even better by combining what we offer with what Randall-Reilly brings to the table. We see teaming up as a ‘2+2=5’ scenario and look forward to the coming years of continued growth and innovation.”


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