StartMadness Top 10

StartMadness was created to give startups exposure to the public, investors, press, and entrepreneur-friendly venture capital. This year StartMadness has partnered with Pelion Venture Partners, contributing $250k to the winning team, and Founder’s Hub, a platform designed to help Utah’s entrepreneurs build the community, connection, and confidence to help all of us rise up together.

Here are the top 10 teams who will be competing at the StartMadness Finale, taking place at StartFEST June 16-17th.

  • Krado
  • Publisher Arts
  • Upkid
  • Fia Care
  • Storier
  • Sponsr
  • Literal
  • Wander
  • True Adherence

Thanks to all the companies who applied and competed. Check out the other companies that made it into the top 64:

  • glassFROGG
  • Blerp
  • The Active Consumer
  • (k)Nudging LLC
  • Zero Stitch
  • BlockChyp, Inc.
  • Realium
  • Savology
  • Poly Platform
  • Hugo Coffee Roasters LLC
  • Moxie Blankets, LLC
  • EcoDaisy
  • Yocal
  • Tomorrow’s Tools
  • GenC Labs, Inc.
  • The Girls Company
  • SprayCare Band
  • UrgeGas
  • Machitia
  • Vela Motor Company
  • Givley
  • Skedgit
  • AKRÜ, Inc
  • DataPoint Solutions Consulting, LLC
  • Woom,Inc.
  • Wave of Mind
  • Let's Talk
  • Infuze LLC
  • Aspire Ability
  • Univus, Inc.
  • Castwall
  • Ascension
  • Blaast, Inc.
  • welift
  • Smart 2 Eat
  • CurrentClient
  • VIBE Wellness L.L.C.
  • Safelane Health
  • Spiin inc.
  • Auverity
  • Synthetic Biodesign
  • MatchMaker Education Labs, PBC.
  • Pindify LLC
  • RecoVRy
  • Trolley
  • CionSystems Inc.
  • Solcrave Gift Registry
  • Merit3D
  • Winbock Medical LLC
  • Makeena
  • Whistle Recruiting, LLC
  • Khal Inc
  • Service Robotics & Technologies
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