StartSLC to Host $250,000 Pitch Competition

Beehive Startups is excited to announce StartSLC will be hosting a pitch competition with a total of $250,000 on the line.

Beehive Startups is excited to announce StartSLC will be hosting a pitch competition with a total of $250,000 on the line. The winner will receive $150,000; second place will receive $50,000; and the audience will decide who receives the remaining $50,000.

All of the prizes will be in the form of an entrepreneur-friendly, no cap, no discount, convertible note. Beehive Startups has partnered with 10 local investment firms to host the most impressive and prominent pitch competition to ever take place in Utah. Any tech startup — broadly defined — that hasn’t raised more than $1 million is eligible to compete. Visit for more details on how to enter your startup into the StartSLC Pitch Competition. The deadline for entry is December 15, 2014.

The StartSLC Pitch Competition marks the first time Utah’s most respected venture firms have come together to collaborate on an event of this magnitude. This competition provides Utah startups and entrepreneurs with a rare opportunity to be mentored by 10 of the most experienced and active investors in the state.

Here at Beehive Startups, alongside numerous friends and leaders within our community, we’ve been actively planning StartSLC for several months. Set to take place on January 29–31 in Salt Lake City, Utah, StartSLC is Utah’s largest grassroots startup festival. Today’s news is all about the $250,000 pitch competition, but you can expect to see many more announcements regarding this epic startup event in the coming days.

The StartSLC Pitch Competition Judges

StartSLC & Beehive Startups

From the beginning, Beehive Startups has actively looked for opportunities to help bring every member of Utah’s startup community together to help foster an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive environment. We believe a community is strongest when every member has a voice and the opportunity to meaningfully participate and be heard. StartSLC is just a continuation of our overall mission to help build a startup community we can all be proud to call home.

For three days, StartSLC will not only showcase Utah’s high-profile tech companies and entrepreneurs, but also host activities to bring together hackers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, marketers, bloggers, makers, brewers, foodies, and thought leaders to have fun, learn from one another, and create lasting connections.

StartSLC is powered by the community. Events will presented by prominent organizations with strong ties to the Utah startup community and will take place at a number of event spaces at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, along with other nearby locations including Church & State and Impact Hub. Because many of these events will be happening simultaneously, StartSLC will have a very festival-like atmosphere, allowing for some amazing collisions and connections to happen between people who otherwise would have never met. will soon have a calendar detailing all of the different events that will take place during the three-day festival. If your organization would like to host and promote an event at StartSLC (with resources, marketing, and space provided by Beehive Startups), please contact me directly at to coordinate a time and location.

As mentioned above, you can expect to hear a lot of exciting announcements in the coming days regarding the many different events that will be happening at StartSLC. In the meantime, hurry up and apply to the StartSLC Pitch Competition. Who among us couldn’t use an extra $250,000?

Published 11/4/2014

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