Room Choice Raises $600,000 Seed Round Led by Kickstart Seed Fund

We are expecting big things from Room Choice.

Utah-based property management startup Room Choice has raised $600,000 in a seed round led by Kickstart Seed Fund.

“We went with Kickstart Seed Fund for a couple of reasons,” said RoomChoice founder and CEO David Bailey. “First, the proven track record. Kickstart is the largest VC in the state — with a track record.

“You can get money anywhere, but the question we asked is, ‘Can you get money with experience and a track record?’ Kickstart really shows both their ability to invest and reinvest as well as develop companies and take them to the next stage.”

A recent graduate of BoomStartup, Room Choice is a Utah-based property management software startup that automates leasing and gives students the opportunity to select both their room and roommate.

“We love Room Choice for a few reasons: the outstanding, experienced team; big, underserved market; and an insane amount of customer pull,” said Kickstart’s Morgan Davis. “David will be humble about this, but his traction is amazing for his stage. His customer acquisition strategy has been to cold email random property managers. 100% of them eagerly respond, and all move to the next steps after demoing — that level of engagement is unheard of.”

According to Bailey, Room Choice is currently in the process of adding both an inbound and outbound sales team, as well as rapidly acquiring clients.

“The team is coming out, the product is coming out, it’s starting to snowball,” said Bailey. “There is good momentum.”

This seed round, which, aside from Kickstart, also included a large AngelList syndicate, gives Room Choice a significant runway, Bailey told Beehive Startups.

“For me, it’s great that we have enough to be around for the next 2 years — that’s more important than the amount itself.”

Room Choice plans to continue selling their software to dorms both on and off campuses throughout the country. Kickstart seems excited to be a part of that future.

“We’re super excited to be working with these guys,” said Davis. “We are expecting big things from Room Choice.”

Published 10/15/2014

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