Steve Ballmer, Former Microsoft CEO and Los Angeles Clippers Owner, To Keynote Silicon Slopes Summit 2021

Today, we’re thrilled to announce former Microsoft CEO and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer will join Utah Senator Mitt Romney for a discussion at Silicon Slopes Summit.

We’d like to thank Senator Romney for facilitating this invitation and making this possible. This year’s Silicon Slopes Summit lineup, which includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, is shaping up to our best yet.

Tickets are going fast, so make sure you register at

Later this afternoon, Silicon Slopes will close the Nasdaq market. I will be delivering a speech to commemorate the occasion. I figured I’d give you, the community we serve, a first look at it.

On behalf of Silicon Slopes, it’s an honor to close the Nasdaq market for the second year in a row. The world is different since I last did this in January 2020.

We’ve all been through a lot, lost a lot, learned a lot, and hopefully grown a lot. This pandemic has altered how we interact with each other, kept many of us from seeing each other in person, and changed how we do business in this country and around the world.

My hope is this pandemic doesn’t deepen divisions or stop us from loving, caring, and being kind to each other. We could all use more grace, compassion, and understanding.

In Utah, I’m proud of how the Silicon Slopes community stepped up, locked arms, and went to work on the challenges this pandemic created.

Utah is a special place filled with hard-working, well-meaning folks who strive to serve and make a difference. Initiatives like TestUtah, SlopesServes, and the Utah Food Bank are a testament to these ideals.

So many organizations, companies, and leaders checked their logos and egos at the door and went to work and made an impact.

I’m proud to call Utah home.

On Oct 13th we’ll kick off our annual Silicon Slopes Summit. We hope you’ll join us. More information can be found at

Finally, I want to thank Nasdaq for its partnership and support for this event over the years. Silicon Slopes Summit wouldn’t be what is without Nasdaq — and, on behalf of Silicon Slopes, we would like to thank this vital institution for its leadership on the world stage and its belief in the great state of Utah.

Now let’s ring this bell.

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