Supplemental Health Care Appoints Simon Curtis Chief Digital Officer

Supplemental Health Care, a leading Salt Lake City-based healthcare staffing solutions provider for healthcare professionals, recently announced that Simon Curtis has joined SHC as Chief Digital Officer.

Curtis brings extensive knowledge and experience in digital transformation as former CIO of the UK for The Adecco Group.  Under his leadership, Adecco moved from complex legacy systems and processes to a single core digital platform, serving more than 200 branches, 2,500 colleagues, and paying 25,0000 associates per week.

“We are excited to welcome a leader of Simon’s caliber to SHC,” said Greg Palmer, president and CEO of Supplemental Health Care via the company's press release, adding:  

“Digital innovation is critical for supporting both healthcare workers and the thousands of schools and healthcare facilities we serve. Simon will be an important part of the future of SHC.”
Simon Curtis was recently appointed as Chief Digital Officer at Supplemental Health Care. Image downloaded from company's press release. 5152022.

As Chief Digital Officer, Curtis will facilitate the complex yet scalable tech environment and provide innovative staffing solutions and award-winning service to the healthcare community.

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