TaskEasy raises $12M Series B to expand services

Salt Lake City-based TaskEasy announced a $12 million Series B round of funding today led by Delta Electronics Capital. The financing, which had participation from new investors like Moderne Ventures, MTD Products Inc and existing investors, will be used for company growth and product development.

“It’s always been our mission to provide world-class services directly to consumers and property portfolio managers while helping reliable contractors build sustainable businesses,” said Ken Davis, CEO of TaskEasy. “With this funding we’ll be able to broaden our current offering and enhance the customer experience, while making our contractors more efficient and more profitable.”

TaskEasy is a services automation company that allows customers to buy and receive exterior maintenance services like lawn mowing, snow removal and pool cleaning. They have performed over 400,000 tasks in more than 4,800 cities across all 50 states and just recently hit the $10 million in services milestone.

“Our plan is to have this funding take us to cash flow positive as a company,” said Davis. “Our goals this year are big but so far we’re on target.”

With the new funding, TaskEasy is planning on releasing new functionalities as a part of the new resident portal and integrations for property management. In conjunction with the recent investor MTD Products Inc, which is a lawn care product and equipment company, TaskEasy plans to make tools more accessible and leasing tools easier for the 5,000 contractors in the TaskEasy network.
“As the preferred equipment and service provider for TaskEasy, we believe this is a great way to leverage our nationwide network of product and service dealers to TaskEasy’s impressive system of contractors,” said MTD CEO Robert Moll.

By Jordan Phelps

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