Tech Workforce Giant Pluralsight Welcomes Matthew Collier as New Chief Customer Officer to Help Revolutionize Customer Success

Pluralsight, the tech workforce development company, just announced that Matthew Collier is taking on the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO). As CCO, Collier's job is to make sure Pluralsight customers have the best experience possible and succeed in their tech careers. The company wants to boost the skills of the global tech workforce and Collier will play a key part in making that happen.

The President and COO of Pluralsight, Somit Goyal, couldn't be happier about Collier joining the team. Goyal thinks Collier's extensive knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction will bring a fresh perspective to improving customer support and success. They believe he'll have a big impact on both the organization and the customers they serve.

Collier is no stranger to customer success. He's held leadership positions at big software companies like Signifyd and Adobe, where he oversaw customer success in the commercial market segment. Collier also knows the ins and outs of marketing automation software, having been Vice President of Customer Success at Marketo.

In addition to his tech experience, Collier holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Business Law from the University of Miami. He's also contributed to a book called The 7 Pillars of Success and has been involved with a nonprofit organization called Triage Cancer. Collier even co-founded CS Angel, a group that lets customer success experts invest in new technologies that improve revenue retention.

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