Volley, The "Snapchat for Work," Raises $5.5 Million Round of Seed Funding

On Oct. 19, 2021, Lehi, Utah-based Volley, the "Snapchat for work," announced a $5.5 million seed funding round led by Shasta Ventures and Peterson Ventures.

According to the article, Volley's platform provides companies with a form of communication that is easy and fun to use, providing interactive transcripts that are designed for those who do remote work.

Josh Little, CEO and Founder of Volley, stated the following:

"The whole landscape of work has changed and continues to evolve daily. The old tools were built at a different time for a different world. Volley is the right tool for the way we work and interact now."

Since Volley's beta release in early 2021, thousands of teams have adopted this video communication platform to eliminate endless Zoom meetings and Slack messages.  

This round of funding will help Volley bring about its vision of a flexible future of work. Click here to see what Volley can do for your company!

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