Tweet Tweet - Jeremy McFadden Joins Canary Speech as CFO

What if a medical professional could tell you what's wrong with you by just talking to you? While it seems far-fetched, Canary Speech is doing just that.

Based in Provo, Utah, Canary Speech uses patented A.I. technology to identify disease and human condition through speech. Using smart devices, and in as little as 40 seconds, Canary Speech can do a real time vocal analysis. This takes telemedicine and remote medical services to a whole new level.

So who can help drive this incredible technology? Newly appointed CFO Jeremy McFadden, that's who.

With extensive experience in both financial and medical industries, Jeremy is a perfect match for Canary Speech. During the last six years, he spent time as CFO of two medical technology startups and has had 12 years at Philips Healthcare.

"I am passionate about bringing innovative medical technologies to clinicians and individuals that provide them the very best options for their healthcare needs. As a leader in the speech-as-biomarker space in the healthcare industry, Canary Speech is uniquely positioned to identify human conditions sooner and less invasive than traditional clinical assessments. I'm thrilled to join the exceptional team at Canary Speech," McFadden said in a recent press release.

Sir, if you can help my doctor diagnose me from my bed, I'm all in.

Congrats to McFadden and the team at Canary Speech.

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