Utah Fantasy and SciFi Author, Brandon Sanderson, Has Set Kickstarter and the Publishing World Afire

In just four days under 48 hours, the Pleasant Grove author's new Kickstarter campaign has become the 2nd most funded project EVER at over $18.6 $25.25 million in pledges made to back four new secret books.

{PUBLISHER'S NOTE:  As of 10:45am MT on Monday, March 7th, Sanderson's Kickstarter campaign has now garnered over $25.25 million in backing, making it the most-funded Kickstarter project of all time! AND ... if you haven't been paying attention, this Sanderson campaign still has 24 days of funding "left on the clock."
With this new information, we have updated this article to reflect the new reality. And we extend a major "Congratulations" to Brandon and his entire team.

Looks like Brandon Sanderson has done it again!

Since publishing his newest campaign on Kickstarter to unveil

  • Not 1,
  • Not 2,
  • Not 3, but
  • Four new books (all at the same time).

Sanderson's fans have now pledged more than $18.6 $25.25 million in backing dollars, making this project for the bestselling fantasy and science fiction author

the second-most-backed Kickstarter campaign EVER!

And it's happened in under 48 hours a mere four days! 🤯 🤯 🤯

The original goal Sanderson set on Kickstarter? Just $1 million. LOLOLOL

{Author's Note:  Special thanks to Dave Doering, my long-time friend and technical writer, for sharing this news bombshell with me last night via LinkedIn. You are a STUD MUFFIN, Buddy!}

Dave Doering LinkedIn message of 03 March 2022.

BTW:  Doering is probably correct.

Given the fanaticism of Sanderson's fans/groupies, I will not be surprised if this Kickstarter campaign tops $25 million in the 30-day window. {AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Looks like I totally underestimated this total!!!}

Brief Sanderson Overview

According to his professional biography, the Lincoln, Nebraska native discovered his true love for writing while in Seoul, Korea serving as a volunteer full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After his mission, Sanderson changed majors to English from Chemistry, eventually graduating with both bachelor's and master's degrees from Brigham Young University.

Sanderson's first book, Elantris, was published by Tor in 2005.

Since then, Sanderson has gone on to author or co-author over 45 books, novellas, and collections. making him one of the most prolific and successful SciFi and Fantasy authors of all time.

In fact, his work has landed on the New York Times Best-Seller List 15 times.

As published by Variety, DMG Entertainment acquired the film and licensing rights to Sanderson's Cosmere "universe" of interconnected books and storylines, with a reported commitment of $270 million, half of which is slated for making the first three films about the Cosmere.

Sanderson, his wife, Emily, and their three children live in Pleasant Grove.

To get an idea of what all the excitement is about, I've embedded below the extended version of the video Sanderson and his team uploaded onto Kickstarter. Enjoy.

Brandon Sanderson YouTube video to unveil four new "secret" books, downloaded 03 March 2022.
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