We Have A Director Of Marketing And Programs Now

It’s me, guys.

The Silicon Slopes team is pleased to announce the reassignment of Meg Walter, a star on the rise, to Silicon Slopes Director of Marketing and Programs.

“With Meg at the helm steering marketing and programs, I have no doubt that Silicon Slopes will sail into a horizon of safety and prosperity,” said an anonymous source from within Utah’s tech community. “Oh, she’s in the marketing business? I was sure she was a super model,” said another.

The responsibilities of her new position, where we all know Meg will absolutely excel, include coordinating with members of the community to plan and market programs and events. So if you have an event you would like to plan or market, contact Meg at meg@siliconslopes.com.

Want to start a forum? Email Meg. Want to promote an event? Email Meg. Want to let us know what we can do better? Email Meg. Want to discuss this week’s episode of The Bachelorette? Email Meg.

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