Who/What is Frazil? Learn more Next Tuesday Morning about the "Hottest" Frozen Beverage Company in America.

Wanna learn more about one of the "hottest" Food & Beverage brands in America, a company born and grown in Utah?

That company is Freezing Point LLC, the Draper, Utah-based company behind Frazil.

Frazil is a dispensed frozen uncarbonated beverage (a competing product to Icee and Slurpee) that is now carried in over 15,000 locations throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Central America, the Middle East, and Asia.

To be clear, Freezing Point is now growing 20-times faster than the "dispensed frozen uncarbonated beverage" market as a whole.

The "Welcome to Frazil" video, hosted on YouTube and downloaded 8 December 2021.

Which is why our Community Partner, ACG Utah, is hosting the Freezing Point CEO, Kyle Fairbourn, next week to tell the Frazil story.

To learn more about Frazil, Freezing Point, and/or to RSVP to attend the ACG Utah breakfast meeting next Tuesday morning (December 14) at the Marriott City Center in Salt Lake City, please click here.

Personally, I'm wondering if they'll have samples on hand? Yum!

One more thing ... Dictionary.com defines frazil as:

"ice crystals formed in turbulent water, as in swift streams or rough seas."

Or, I suspect, inside a machine that dispenses uncarbonated frozen beverages.

Huh – learned something new today.

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