Workstream Extends Series B Round To $108M

How many times have you walked into a restaurant, grocery store, retailer, or any other local business in the past two years and noticed a painfully obvious shortage of staff? Almost every service-oriented business is in need of employees, but they are relying on old and antiquated ways of attracting them. It's a problem in cities and towns across the country, but it's a problem Workstream is tackling with technology.

Workstream helps businesses source, screen, and schedule potential employees. Then once the employee is hired, the onboarding process is streamlined and dialed-in to exactly what employers and employees need. In addition, Workstream  integrates your current job boards, HRIS payroll systems, and background check providers which saves tons of time and money.

In 2020, Workstream closed on a successful $10M Series A, and today announced an extended Series B totaling $108M. In this morning's press release, Desmond Lim, co-founder and CEO of Workstream, said,

“With little easing of labor shortages, fierce competition for deskless workers and great demand to fill open spots at lightning speed, the need for our platform is increasing exponentially. We’ve grown 10x in the last 18 months and now serve more than 4,000 customers across 24,000 locations. This latest round of investment, coupled with the expertise of our strategic investors, will enable us to expand into new verticals and build new tools for the deskless worker, in support of the company’s future growth.”

Congratulations, we’re excited to see this company continue its growth. To find out more about Workstream visit

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