Perfectly Posh: Changing The Direct Sales Model

We eliminated a lot of aspects of direct sales models that tend to be really prohibitive.

“We’ve watched 53,000 women sign up to start their own business and change who they are as a person,” says Ann Dalton, CEO of Perfectly Posh. Dalton and Perfectly Posh President Andrew McBride started the direct sales, naturally-based pampering company after recognizing the powerful engine that a direct sales company could be, as well as the need for major overhaul in how direct sales companies are run. “We saw an opportunity to innovate and really change a lot of business rules,” McBride says. So together they seized that opportunity, and started Perfectly Posh, offering thousands of consultants the chance to run their own business in the process.

“We work with people at all different levels and help them accomplish goals,” says McBride. “We really like the impact it makes on individuals.” Perfectly Posh offers a good deal of flexibility to their consultants, letting them sell the Perfectly Posh products when and how it works best for them. “We eliminated a lot of aspects of direct sales models that tend to be really prohibitive,” McBride says. The Perfectly Posh system modernizes the consultant relationship and makes direct sales compelling for everyone involved. “We have the opportunity to give the benefits of direct manufacturing but offer a very one-to-one relationship,” McBride says. Those relationships are a large part of what make McBride and Dalton so passionate about their brand. “We didn’t do this to just have a fantastic profit,” McBride says. “We did this to impact lives.”

Perfectly Posh is not just different for their consultant relationships, but for the low price and superior contents of their products as well. Every product is under $25, and made with very high manufacturing standards and natural ingredients. “Everyone deserves to be pampered,” McBride says and with Perfectly Posh, they can be pampered without breaking the bank.

After operating on a shoestring budget for a number of years, McBride and Dalton have seen their company grow to over 200 executive employees across four locations and 53,000 consultants across the US. The company’s biggest challenge is scaling their remarkable growth. “We’re constantly looking over our shoulder for what we’re about to outpace next,” Dalton says. “It’s exciting to think where we can go with this great product concept,” McBride adds.

The next place McBride and Dalton will take themselves is the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Awards Gala, nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year finalists. An honor they both call humbling, and the result of their passion for their product. “We’re very passionate about what we do,” McBride says. “We’re completely absorbed in the vision of what this brand is capable of.” Dalton adds, “We love this place and we love this business. I don’t think either of us feels like this is just about us. This is about so many people.”

Finalists will be recognized at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gala Saturday, June 4, at the Grand America Hotel. If you’re interested in attending, you can purchase tickets here.

Published 5/10/2016

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