M&P Ep. 173: Alema Harrington, Utah Jazz Broadcaster

Alema Harrington, former BYU running back and current Sports Broadcaster with the Utah Jazz, has inspired many struggling addicts by sharing his personal addiction story and his own unique recovery experiences. In this podcast, Alema, also a Counselor and Marketing Executive for the Utah based Ardu Recovery Center, shares how his personal experiences contributed to the ideas he promotes at the Center and through his newest venture, the A-Game Institute.

Dedicated to the study and promotion of peak human performance in all aspects of life, the A-Game Institute provides presentations, seminars and workshops that help people identify and overcome obstacles keeping them from realizing their full potential.

Alema uses as many channels as possible to ensure those struggling with addiction do not feel alone, saying “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection.” Listen now to hear Alema’s inspirational story and how we can help those around us struggling with addiction.

‎Meat & Potatoes Podcast: Alema Harrington: Addiction Recovery and The Power of Connecting on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Meat & Potatoes Podcast, Ep Alema Harrington: Addiction Recovery and The Power of Connecting - Nov 3, 2022
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