Getting Paid Right Now–Everee Rolls Out Instant Pay

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do your job–whatever that may be–and get paid instantly? Everee is making it happen.

You might know Everee as the leading SaaS platform that offers flexibility in getting paid, including flexible APIs and embeddable workforce payments. Now Everee is helping you get the cash even faster. Yesterday, Everee announced the launch of Instant Pay, which allows workers to get paid directly after their shift ends.

“Instant pay and the ability to cash out instantly are gaining popularity, as we’ve seen major gig companies like Uber and DoorDash integrate these capabilities into their payments processes," says Brett Barlow, CEO at Everee. "Knowing this, if companies in the gig space truly want to compete for top talent and also retain their workforce, they have to be able to offer instant payment options, because we’re getting to a point where that's what workers expect.”

This is good news, especially for "gig workers," who make up nearly 36% of today’s workforce, an industry that generated over $1 trillion in revenue in the U.S. last year. Everee gives workers the ability to allocate when and how they'll be paid, which is both empowering and convenient.

“We’ve always been about getting people paid faster, first with daily payments, and now with options for instant pay. We’re excited to be able to give companies the tools they need to streamline, automate, and integrate their payroll processes, and ultimately break the two-week pay cycle," says Brett.

To learn more about Everee and Instant Pay, visit

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