M&P Ep. 188 Bentley Wilson, Cardagraph

Garrett Clark and Bentley Wilson discuss the problems of product development. In this interview, they discuss how timelines are built during a product's development life cycle, why these timelines are often incorrect, and what Cardagraph offers. According to Bentley, Cardagraph can help companies answer three crucial questions:

  1. When will the product be finished? Cardagraph creates a dashboard that shows accurate timelines of tasks that need to be finished for the product to be released. If the task is delayed, the forecast is automatically updated.
  2. What does the company need to do to finish the product? Similar to question one, the dashboard also shows tasks needed to take the product into market.
  3. What if the company focuses on a different product? The dashboard updates the forecast of other products that may be affected if the company decides to focus on a different product.

Bentley is the CEO and Co-founder of Cardagraph. He, alongside Spencer Jack, launched Cardagraph four years ago. Bentley is a self-taught web developer. To watch the full conversation, head to the link below:

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