M&P Ep. 200 Brad Plothow, Intergalactic

In the 200th episode of Meat and Potatoes, Garrett Clark sits down with Brad Plothow, Chief Growth Officer at Intergalactic. Intergalactic is an Aerospace Thermomanagment Systems Operator currently based out of St. George, Utah.

Intergalactic specializes in creating products and systems that help regulate temperatures anywhere in the aerospace industry. According to Plothow, managing temperatures is extremely important as even a slight change in temperature can alter human behavior, so having a space team or a jet pilot in perfect temperatures can be the difference between failure and success of a mission. In addition, when we finally establish bases on Mars, these thermomanagement products are vital because the temperatures on Mars can swing by 70 to 80 degrees.

Before working at Intergalactic, Brad Plothow built marketing and PR programs as an in-house and agency executive for tech companies in Silicon Slopes and Silicon Valley, including major campaigns for Qualtrics, Pluralsight, Vivint, Instructure, BambooHR, and others.

According to Plothow, Intergalactic will release new products and systems this year, and of course, they will be named after pop-culture references. For more information about Intergalactic, please visit the company's website here. To watch the full conversation, please follow the YouTube video below:

Meat & Potatoes Podcast is Silicon Slopes longest standing podcast show. The podcast highlights Utah startups and celebrates, promotes, and features business leaders within and outside the Silicon Slopes community.

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