M&P Ep. 204 Cody Barbour, Baton Leads

On this episode of the Meat & Potatoes Podcast Garrett Clark expands on his under appreciated match making efforts. Once that has been settled, Cody Barbour explains the platform, Baton Leads.

Baton Leads operates on a referral-based system, which means that clients refer other potential clients to the company. This system has been incredibly effective, as it allows Baton Leads to build a strong reputation and establish trust with their clients. By focusing on quality over quantity, Barbour has ensured that Baton Leads delivers a high level of service to every client they work with.

Baton Leads works with a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare and technology to real estate and financial services. The referral-based system that Baton Leads uses is effective across all industries, as it creates an immediate sense of trust between potential clients and the company.

Regardless of the industry, Baton Leads' focus is always on building strong relationships with clients and delivering results. By using a personalized approach to lead generation and sales development, Baton Leads has been able to help businesses across a wide range of industries achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

To learn more about Cody and Baton Leads listen or watch the full episode.

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