Silicon Slopes Conversation with Deneece Huftalin, President of SLCC

In this week's edition of Silicon Slopes Friday Conversation, Deneece Huftalin, President of Salt Lake Community College, shares her insights on community education and what kind of impact she hopes to leave at SLCC.

As hundreds of thousands of individuals have acquired a college degree through SLCC, President Huftalin admits that over past decades the college's initial "technical mission" became buried. As organizations are beginning to realize that not every corporate position requires a bachelors degree, SLCC emphasizes the value of trades. "As of now, we're trying to create more of a technical footprint through rebranding," explains Huftalin.

Priding themselves through the diversification of their students, President Huftalin was excited to announce that they've had a little over 3,300 graduates this year, with majority of them being first generation students. As a community college that constantly strives to remove barriers from their admission process, their goal is to help students realize that college is a place for them.

Huftalin's vision for her students, as well as SLCC, is simply stated as, "I would like to think that I have maintained and enhanced the idea that you can afford, access, and get into college."

Tune into this week's Friday Conversation and hear more about what separates Salt Lake Community College from the pack and how President Huftalin continues to create positive change in Utah's education system.

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