Silicon Slopes Conversation with Kathy Roberts

In this Silicon Slopes Conversation, Garrett Clark sits down with Kathy Roberts, CEO of Lehi-headquartered Switch Reward Card. Kathy is the former President of Discover Bank and was also the first woman to chair the Delaware Banker's Association. In their discussion, Kathy tells her story of her career, her retirement, and her decision to become involved with Switch.

Garrett Clark (Left) sits down with CEO of Switch Reward Card, Kathy Roberts (Right)
"Choosing your team is the most important thing you can do because you will spend more time with people you work with than those you live with." - Kathy Roberts

According to Kathy, Switch is a blockchain-based financial services ecosystem. The blockchain is empowered by a global decentralized node network where node licensees will be rewarded, by the blockchain, with Switch Digital Rewards. Switch offers debit payment solutions for both traditional and cryptocurrencies around the world.

Switch currently has multiple products from its suite in beta testing. For more information, please visit To watch the full conversation, you can watch the full discussion here:

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