M&P Ep. 185 Dusty Heyrend, Magnum Bikes

In this episode of Meat and Potatoes, Host Garrett Clark sits down with Dusty Heyrend, Magnum's Customer Support Specialist, to talk about Salt Lake City based electric bicycle company, Magnum. In their conversation, they talk about the key differences between riding a normal bicycle and an E-bike.  

One major difference is the electric motor that allows the rider to travel much farther and faster than a normal bike, which means riding an E-bike to the store or to UTA's Frontrunner station becomes much more of a reality than before. In addition, an electric bike is also perfect for older generations because it allows physical exercise while also not being as strenuous as a normal bike.

Later in their discussion, Dusty and Garrett talk about how Magnum has scaled its business. Making electric bikes—especially ones with sleek design—can be costly, so Dusty describes how building bikes in house and overseas has helped the E-bike company stay cost efficient. Lastly, Dusty shares experiences on working with bike dealerships and why they play an important role to Magnum.

To learn more about Magnum bikes, please watch or listen to the full conversation below.

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