M&P Ep. 184 Clint Curtis, Zapmoto

Host Garrett Clark sits down with Clint Curtis, Co-founder and CEO of Zapmoto, a DoorDash-like service company where instead of food, customers order cars straight from the dealership. In their discussion, Clint Curtis talks about how Zapmoto was founded and how Zapmoto found the path to success.

Clint got the idea of Zapmoto when watching Disney's Wreck it Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet where the main characters stumble upon a Carvana logo in the movie. Clint, with his love of cars, wondered what Carvana was and looked it up after the movie. From there, Clint created Zapmoto. The major difference between Carvana and Zapmoto is that Carvana is a car dealership while Zapmoto is a subscription service for car dealerships where drivers (similar to Doordash) would drive the vehicle to the client's house or work so the client can take the car on a test drive or purchase the vehicle.

In continuing their discussion on Zapmoto's founding, Clint shared his journey of speaking with venture capitalists and how he learned from their critics. He said, "we learned to love every 'no,' because it gave us small nuggets of advice that we hadn't initially thought of."

Watch or listen to the full podcast to learn how Zapmoto was founded and its startup journey here:

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