M&P Ep. 182 Peter Stevenson, modern8

What first impression is your company giving?

In this episode of Meat and Potatoes, Garrett Clark (host) and Peter Stevenson (partner at modern8) talk about the importance of branding and marketing. modern8 is a Salt-Lake-based organization that consults with companies on how to make strategic branding decisions, ultimately helping them better differentiate and express themselves correctly.

Garrett and Peter discuss the power of colors, shapes, and designs and how they can show the vibe of an organization. To illustrate how much power a design can be, Stevenson shares the example of Facebook. Back when Facebook first launched, a lot of tech companies altered their logo designs to match Facebook's sans serif font and blue color scheme. These tech companies recognized that Facebook was going to change the tech world, so they changed their logos so these companies could "fit in" with Facebook.

To learn more about branding, check out modern8's website here or check out modern8's podcast By Subject where they meet with influential marketers in Utah here.

‎Meat & Potatoes Podcast: M&P Ep. 182 Peter Stevenson, modern8 on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Meat & Potatoes Podcast, Ep M&P Ep. 182 Peter Stevenson, modern8 - Feb 2, 2023
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