Summit Lead-Up Q&A: Josh Aikens, Chief of Staff at Zonos

The following questions were posed to Josh Aikens, Chief of Staff and community-guru at Zonos in anticipation of his attendance at Summit.

1.What impact do you think Community has on the Silicon Slopes community?

I feel like the Community track was created because Silicon Slopes is the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community. The voice, hub, and heart, of what? ...of the vibrant and growing Utah tech community. It can be easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamor of the outside attention we have rightfully earned. The Community track is there to make sure and give back to the folks that brought us here.

2. Specifically, what ideas or concepts come to mind when you think of the word Community? How do you think these ideas and concepts relate to this year’s Summit?

Community is the place where you intersect with those around you. This year's summit will be a celebration of connection in a new venue in the round that will provide an even better opportunity to bump into and rub shoulders with others.

3. What are you and/or your organization doing to apply the concept of Community to develop your organization?

At Zonos we talk about being "in St. George for Good" and what we mean is that as members of a community we think we can and should have a powerful influence for good amongst our peers and neighbors in town. Volunteering within our community creates a tremendous feeling of unity amongst our team and helps make our home a better place to live.

4. Regarding Summit, what are you excited to learn about in the Community track sessions?

Last year the discussions about the state of capital in the local community, and open and honest conversations about diversity, inclusion, and other topics that directly affect how we live in and work on the Silicon Slopes generated great ideas. Those sessions were the best attended of the entire event! I'm looking forward to more of that this year.

5. Why is the theme of Community important to your clients?

Our clients benefit when our employees feel psychologically safe to bring their best selves to work and give their all to help customers succeed. Community is part of culture and culture is king when it comes to creating a successful environment at work. I see community, culture, and success for our clients as closely tied.

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