Thoughts On Summit By Jim Kwik

The following is an article written by Jim Kwik, Founder of Kwik Brain, NYT Bestselling Author, and Celebrity Brain Coach.

Silicon Slopes Summit is a convergence of several interests and passions of mine: start-ups, technology, and Utah. I’m passionate about the future and learning how to adapt to that future is the key to achieving long-term growth in business, industry, and ourselves. And I’ll never pass up a chance to visit the beautiful state of Utah.

One of the things I’m most excited to share at the Summit is my unique perspective on accelerated learning. Every day we’re sprinting to catch up to the latest technology in business, industry, and even our lives. In this age of adaptation, the right knowledge is not only power, it’s profit. How quickly individuals and teams can translate learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage. While there are many technological tools designed to help us learn, we’re born with the ultimate technology—the brain.

I believe that when you change your brain, you change the world. Some of the methods I’ll be covering will help you catch up, keep up, and get ahead in our rapidly evolving world. Two of the most costly words in business and in life are, “I forgot”. I’m going to show you tools and techniques to fix mental fatigue, fight brain fog, and increase memory and recall for increased productivity and profit. There are ten critical keys to unleash your super brain and combined with the right mindset, routines, and habits, you can turn on your “success switch”. It’s all a matter of learning how to tap into your laser focus and concentration so that you and your employees can get things done.

Learning is always two sides of the same coin. I’m looking forward to contributing my ideas and insights, but I’m also interested in learning from and connecting with the other attendees. We live in the millennium of the mind where success revolves around our ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn. That’s why community is so important and events like this are so powerful. When we share our ideas and information with each other, we learn, grow, and adapt faster than we can on our own.

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