Summit '22 Q&A: Edgar Carreon, Founder and CEO, Dree

We're pleased to welcome Edgar Carreon, Founder and CEO of Dree to Summit '22. The following questions were posed to Edgar in anticipation of his attendance.

Specifically, what ideas or concepts come to mind when you think of the word Community? How do you think these ideas and concepts relate to this year’s Summit?

When I think of community the first word that comes to mind is unity.  When everyone is united in thought and action, great things can take place. When everyone has the same vision, it’s easy to come together and promote change that impacts every individual in a positive way. This summit provides a unique and great opportunity to come together as Utah businesses and leave with partnerships that will benefit everyone in the Utah and even national community. The influence and power this summit will have is unmatched. With renowned speakers within the Utah community and those who have fostered community in their own organizations, I’m excited to hear from such great community leaders.

What are you and/or your organization doing to apply the concept of Community to develop your organization?

At dree our goal is to help people focus on what matters most. Our whole model is based around the idea of community. We connect people looking to outsource their laundry with people in their community looking for flexible at-home work opportunities. We always assign the same dreePro (gig worker) to process the customers order. This guarantees that the positive impact stays within their own community. We know that feeling heard and being appreciated is crucial in feeling part of a community. We have all our dreePro’s in a communication group and consistently are there for support, suggestions, and shouting out those who have done exceptional work that week. We know if it wasn’t for the 100’s of people that interact with dree, that we wouldn’t be who we are today. We also look for opportunities to be a part of the community, we sponsor networking events, activities at the University of Utah, and are able to bring families, neighbors, and communities closer together all through laundry.

Why is the theme of Community important to your clients?

Dree would simply not exist without the need for community. In the last few years, we all have felt what it was like to be isolated, alone, and detached from others. It is a natural need for all to feel like they are a part of something. We believe that a strong community is the foundation of which all of our success will be built off of. Our goal is not to simply take laundry off of your hands, but to give you back the time to develop stronger and personal relationships with those around you. We hold focus groups with our customers and dreePros and they all come saying that dree has welcomed them and they feel the personal connections we create. With any relationship or group, you want to be able to depend on them. I strive every day to make sure our operations are smooth and consistent so our customers don’t have to worry or stress about their orders. Coming together can create real change, and I know that as more people join the dree community, the better our homes and lives will be.

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