Quadra Inc. Announces Seed-Round Funding

Quadra Inc. has announced $1,009,500 in seed-round funding. The Logan, Utah-based startup is an e-commerce platform that takes the inventory and shipping hassle out of the seller equation.

In 2008, Quadra Inc. co-founder John Sanders had a good job and was laid off during the recession. Struggling and resorting to delivering pizzas to make ends meet, he saw e-commerce as an opportunity. He dove into the print-on-demand market, side-hustling his retail business with the perks of no personal shipping or inventory. In 2015, he quit his job and started selling print-on-demand full time. After working in that business for a while, he knew there was a disconnect, and hatched the idea for Quadra. He shared his idea with developer friend Scott Carpenter, now co-founder, and they were off.

The Quadra website states, “Built by online sellers for online sellers,” which speaks to John’s time spent in the e-commerce space. It’s comforting isn’t it? To know the founder has been in your shoes and knows the pain points of the business?

“We want to help people monetize their creativity,” said John in a Meat & Potatoes Podcast with Silicon Slopes Managing Director Garrett Clark. “I really want to help a million people earn a living with their creativity… that’s the mission I’m on and part of that is teaching people how to do this.”

Having been bootstrapped until this new funding, the startup has a great trajectory. With a new office in Logan, Quadra Inc. will use the funding to fortify the platform and reach more people everywhere.

The funding was raised by several strategic syndicate investors through a round led by investment firm Fortify Capital Partners. Read the full press release here and to learn more about Quadra Inc., visit quadramarketplace.com and be sure to check out the  M&P Podcast.

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