M&P Ep. 202 Sanjeev Thakur, Enlite Home

In this episode, Garrett Clark sits down with Sanjeev Thakur, Founder and CEO of Enlite Homes. In this conversion, they discuss the ethics of the solar industry and how Enlite Homes is breaking the summer sales standard.

While attending BYU, Sanjeev did summer sales. Even though doing summer sales helped him grow his sales experience, he did not like the culture that summer sales brings. More specifically, he did not like the dishonesty that is often associated with selling solar, so when he founded Enlite Homes, he made it a goal to be honest with every customer and to focus on the person's needs rather than making an effective pitch. In addition, Enlite Homes has been involved with a non-profit organization, Mi Gran Esperanza, that aids children with cancer from low income families in Mexico.

For more insights about the solar industry or Enlite Homes, you can watch the full conversation here:

Meat & Potatoes Podcast is Silicon Slopes longest standing podcast show. The podcast highlights Utah startups and celebrates, promotes, and features business leaders within and outside the Silicon Slopes community.

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