Silicon Slopes and Simplus Launch “Revenue Growth University” Podcast Series

Guests from top tech companies discuss how to grow revenue and simplify complex problems through technology.

LEHI, UTAH — October 9, 2018 — Silicon Slopes, the non-profit voice, hub and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community, and Simplus, a leader in Quote-to-Cash advisory, implementation and managed services, today announced the launch of the “Revenue Growth University” podcast series.

This podcast was launched as a way to help interested listeners learn how to grow business revenue from leaders in the business tech community. Podcast guests offer advice and tips on how to succeed in an ever-changing industry and forecast changes that the business community will experience amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Success stories and lessons learned are discussed from a number of different perspectives.

“Revenue Growth University” podcast segments are short, digestible audio episodes designed to entertain and educate Silicon Slopes’ large and fast-growing audience. To date, “Revenue Growth University” has nine episodes currently available, with roughly one being published each week. Guests include companies such as Simplus, Boomsourcing, Fileshadow, Navitrust and Nearmap, all of whom speak to how technology is playing a role in the unprecedented growth of Silicon Slopes.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Silicon Slopes on this project," said Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D., VP of Marketing at Simplus and host of the “Revenue Growth University” podcast. “Silicon Slopes has a strong pulse on the technology sector and shines in its ability to understand what’s next in technology and how the business community can benefit from these advances. Collecting and sharing insights from experts in the business and community space is not only exciting and interesting, but also extremely valuable to anyone wanting to succeed in business with technology.”

“Revenue Growth University” can be found on the following websites and platforms: Silicon Slopes, Simplus, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

“Revenue Growth University is an excellent podcast that we are proud to include as a featured part of our content,” said Chris Rawle, managing editor of Silicon Slopes. “Our listeners will not only enjoy the content, but will be inspired by it as well.”

About Silicon Slopes
Spanning from Logan to St. George, Silicon Slopes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit statewide organization and the official moniker of Utah’s startup and tech community. Thanks to the Silicon Slopes community, Utah is a vibrant, diverse, global innovation hub with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and companies in the world.

About Simplus
Simplus is an industry leader in quote-to-cash implementations. We provide enterprise-wide digital transformation across the entire quote-to-cash ecosystem through advisory, implementation, change management, custom configuration and managed services. We use leading cloud solutions to help companies achieve a strategic vision, improve performance and increase value to stakeholders. With more than 2,000 clients and a high customer satisfaction rating, Simplus helps companies improve, innovate and grow. For more information about Simplus, please visit

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