Friday Conversation Series: Timothy Bean, President and COO of Fortem Technologies

In this week's conversation, we were joined by President and COO of Fortem Technologies, Timothy Bean. In their discussion, Tim shared recent developments in tech regarding drones and the future of security.

As mentioned above, Tim shared the recent developments in drone tech by showcasing one of Fortem Technologies' drone. Each drone is equipped with a reusable net gun that is used to fire at other drones. Traditionally, if a drone were to enter a restricted flight area, an antenna would send a signal that would disrupt the communication between a drone and the joystick controlling it.

However, this type of disrupting signal is no longer enough to effectively take down a hostile drone. Instead, these drones are taken down kinetically; however, because each drone can travel at fast speeds, shooting them down is almost impossible—and expensive. Fortem Technologies' drones use the aforementioned nets that take the drone out. As of right now, Fortem's drones have a 93 percent success rate.

For more insights, please watch the conversation below:

Silicon Slopes Conversations are weekly events that feature keynote speakers, business leaders, and businesses within the Silicon Slopes community. These conversations typically take place every Friday at noon in Silicon Slopes HQ, which is based in Lehi, Utah. To RSVP for future conversations or chapter events, click here.

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