We Have A New Office

Silicon Slopes headquarters are now in Lehi. Come check us out.

Governor Gary Herbert speaks at the Silicon Slopes opening ceremony.

We have officially opened our new office in Lehi. It’s located at 2600 West Executive Pkwy (Suite 140) and these are all acceptable reasons for coming and paying us a visit:

  • You want to become more involved with Utah’s tech and startup community.
  • You want to attend events that bring together some of Utah’s most successful entrepreneurs and give them a forum to speak and learn from one another.
  • You have a deep, dark desire to best Clint Betts in a regulation game of billiards.
  • You have an even deeper, even darker desire to debate against me on the merits of Bob Dylan, Lebron James, or Aaron Rodgers.

The opening ceremony was held yesterday, attended by a group of our sponsors, board members, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, and Gov. Gary Herbert.

“Gov. Herbert has been a friend to Silicon Slopes and our relationship with him and his entire administration has been invaluable to the growth and continued success of Utah’s tech ecosystem,” said hoodie wearer Clint Betts. “Silicon Slopes is blessed with an executive board that features some of the top entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives in the state of Utah. Not only is the Silicon Slopes executive board passionate about this organization’s mission and building up Utah’s tech community, they’re actively engaged and meaningfully leading the charge.”

It wouldn’t be official without giant scissors and ribbon cutting, and the good people in attendance were up to the task:

A photo containing (in some order): Clint Betts of Silicon Slopes, a guy from Lehi City (name is unknown), Josh James of Domo, Ryan Westwood of Simplus, half of Tom Stockham of Experticity, Gov. Herbert, Lt. Gov. Cox, a partial beard of Aaron Skonnard of Pluralsight, Carine Clark’s very intense smiling face.

Now, the rest of the details are somewhat murky because I was tweeting things on my phone. Good reporting by me. I do know that John Curtis, beloved Mayor of Provo, was honored as the very first recipient of the Silicon Slopes Community Hero award. This is because he’s a great dude and also because he was invaluable to the early stages of growth for Beehive Startups/Silicon Slopes — supportive, helpful, and willing to work with anything we gave him. He was a great asset when we held StartFEST in Provo and hopefully his post-mayoral career leads him into Utah’s third congressional district. Good work by John.

John Curtis: Provo Mayor, Silicon Slopes Community Hero, and we all hope a possible representative for Utah’s third congressional district.

“John Curtis empowers Provo City residents to learn, connect, and serve every single day,” said Betts. “John Curtis cares about entrepreneurship and his city has been the place where so many great companies have gotten their start.”

We will periodically be awarding Silicon Slopes Community Hero awards, so my advice is always be on your best behavior. Learn, connect, and serve, people.

Okay, I forgot about important news: we had a cake baked in our honor, so there’s that:


Long story short — we have a new office, it’s in Lehi, come and visit us anytime, don’t be afraid to bake us a cake. The end.

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