2022 Hall of Fame & Awards Finalists

We are pleased to announce the 2022 Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards finalists! Launched in 1999 by the then Utah Technology Council, the Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards identify and applaud the breakthrough leaders and companies who have contributed to the ongoing and growing success of Utah and Silicon Slopes.

Here are the finalists for each of the categories:

Individual Awards

CEO: Adam Edmunds (Entrata), Monte Deere (Kizik), Julie Castle (Best Friends Animal Society), Paul Walker (FranklinCovey), Brock Blake (Lendio)

CMO: Burke Alder (Pattern), Alex McArthur (Kizik), Tarah Neujahr Bryan (Health Catalyst)

COO: Eric Levesque (Strider), Trish Cox (Galileo Financial Technology), Ben Roberts (LoanPro)

CTO: Joel Weight (Overstock), Daren Thayne (Domo), Sanchaita Datta (FatPipe Networks)

Chief People Officer: Mindi Cox (O.C. Tanner), Jordan Murray (Humanitarian Experience), Brady Haider (Experlogix)

CFO: Felix Morgan (PCF Insurance Services), Adrianne Lee (Overstock), Dale Bowen (Instructure)

CRO: Ryan Bott (Sodexo), Frank Maylett (Instructure), Mark Mangelson (Skillable)

Chief Product Officer: Taylor Allis (Avetta), Scott Boecker (CHG Healthcare Services), Kristi Martindale (Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation)

Intern: Pedro Rodriguez (Humanitarian Experience), Isaac Smith  (Utah Valley University), Carlee Hemmelgarn (CHG Healthcare)

Company Awards

Spaces and Places: Stack Homes, Sundance Mountain Resort, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

Advertising: Dirty Dough, Traeger Grills, Kizik

Physical Product: NOMATIC, Ivy City Co., Thread Wallets, Traeger Grills

Branding: Spiff, Tafi, Pattern

Health and Wellness: CharityVision, Noorda School of Osteopathic Medicine, PeopleKeep

Software: Entrata, Avetta, Pluralsight, DeepSee, Zeni

Services: Tanner, Lease End, GUIDEcx

Aerospace and Defense: Intergalactic, Teal Drones, Catalyst Campus Ogden

Media and Entertainment: Limitless Flight (JUMP), Continuum, Ancestry

Web3: Tafi, Giddy, Galvan

In addition, Silicon Slopes is announcing a new category: Startup of the Year. We are excited to honor startups who are working hard to make Utah even better. These companies are all pre Series B, and finalists in this category will be announced at a later date.

Category winners will be invited to attend an incredibly unique event–a black tie and sneakers gala at the Grand America. The gala will honor award finalists and companies, and last year's winners will pass on their title to the 2022 award winners!

If you are interested in sponsoring the Hall of Fame & Awards Gala, please email our sponsorship team: sponsorships@siliconslopes.com

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