eLearning Brothers

“eLearning Brothers is in the business of making eLearning Rockstars.”

Let’s say someone came to you today and said, “I need you to create an eLearning course.” The reasons why this person is telling you to do this are not important. Don’t get so hung up on the details. It’s just a hypothetical. Jeesh. Anyway, where would you even start? You don’t know, do you? It’s okay. I wouldn’t know either. If I had, like, a year, I could maybe pull something together, but it wouldn’t be great and it would certainly be ugly. And who has a year? Not you. You need to create this course soon. I know. It’s too much to ask. I understand if you need to take a minute to cry under your desk, even if this is just a hypothetical.

Okay, crying time is up. Get out from under your desk, and get ready, because I have some great news: eLearning Brothers can help you create your eLearning course quickly, and at a significantly higher level of quality than if you were left to your own devices (no offense).

“eLearning Brothers is in the business of making eLearning Rockstars,” says eLearning Brothers President/Chief Growth Officer and owner Curtis J. Morley. “We make Rockstars by empowering eLearning Developers with the planet’s largest library of eLearning assets.”

These assets include templates, games, cut-out people, layouts, scenarios, course-starters, Powerpoint, stock photos, video, audio, and medical assets. “eLearning developers can insert their content into our templates and build courses and trainings in a fraction of the time with a much higher level of design and interactivity,” Morley explains. Or, eLearning Brothers can create custom courses from the ground up if needs be. Morley says, “We have created everything from high-level cyber security courses for NASA, to distributor training for Amway, to software simulations for Adobe, and fun courses for Coca-Cola. With eLearning Brothers, companies get award winning courses that are truly effective.”

The company began in 2009, after brothers Shawn and Andrew Scivally both experienced frustration in the eLearning industry. They both created templates for their teams, and they both wished for an external source that could provide templates. So they created one. “Before eLearning Brothers there was no solution for eLearning Templates. We kind of invented the eLearning Template space,” Morley says.

Since 2009 eLearning Brothers has grown to serve over 200,000 clients on every continent, including 95 of the companies of the Fortune 100. They have also received a number of awards.

“If we focus on helping our clients then we will continue to grow at a crazy pace,” Morley says. “We want to prevent sucky eLearning by creating an army of eLearning Rockstars across the globe.”

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