Diversified Insurance Group Acquired by IMA Financial Group

IMA Financial Group – an insurance brokerage firm based in Kansas City, Kansas – has acquired Diversified Insurance Group – a Salt Lake City-based service provider in the insurance industry.

IMA Financial Group specializes in risk management, insurance, and wealth management, and acquiring Diversified Insurance Group will allow IMA Financial Group to continue protecting client's assets and making a difference for its clients, associates and communities, according to the press release.

Diversified Insurance Group strives to put the voice of the customer first in its approach to insurance; Robert Cohen, IMA Financial Group Chairman and CEO, stated the following after the acquisition:

"Diversified's leadership believes in our vision and shares our client-first, entrepreneurial approach with a commitment to remain independent, employee-owned and dedicated to our communities."

IMA Financial Group will benefit from Diversified's knowledge base, having helped more than 400 clients in the technology and life science fields.

Diversified's CEO, Spencer Hoole, will continue as President of Diversified's employees. Hoole stated his enthusiasm for the future:

"With such outstanding insurance professionals as our partners, we can build on our strengths and expand our offerings particularly in Salt Lake's growing construction and transportation segments."

Congratulations to both of these companies!

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