HydroJug is Named Top-Ranked Company on Utah 100 List

On Oct. 17, 2022, MountainWest Capital Network named HydroJug the top ranked company in the Utah 100 List. This Utah 100 List is MountainWest Capital Network's (MWCN) list highlighting the fastest growing companies in Utah.

MWCN is striving to support entrepreneurial success as Utah's largest networking organization. Jason Roberts, Chair of the MWCN Utah 100 Committee, stated the following in the press release:

"HydroJug was recognized on the Emerging Elite list last year and skyrocketed to the top of our Utah 100 list today because of its unique approach to helping individuals live healthier lifestyles."

HydroJug is passionate about helping its customers live healthier lifestyles by providing high quality experiences. The HydroJug helps you eliminate plastic waste and keep you hydrated and healthy.

MWCN also released the Emerging Elite list and the Top Revenue list - click here to see the press release and find out what companies were on the other two lists. Congratulations to all of these companies!

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