NetDocuments Acquires Worldox

On October 18, 2022, NetDocuments, a content management and productivity platform for legal professionals, acquired Worldox – a document management system (DMS) provider that has lead the legal world in technology for over 30 years. According to the press release, this acquisition is an exciting new step to enabling legal professionals to perform their best work.

Both NetDocuments and Worldox are focused on a customer-first approach, and they share a vision for leading the legal industry into the future of DMS usage.

Rebecca Sattin, Co-CEO and CIO at Worldox, stated the following regarding the acquisition:

NetDocuments’ proven ability to support these capabilities coupled with their commitment to innovating new, customer-inspired solutions made the combining of our organizations a win-win for customers, partners, employees, and the legal industry as a whole.”

NetDocuments is excited for this acquisition, especially since launching its latest product: PatternBuilder. PatternBuilder is a workflow tool that can combine a document management system (DMS) experience with advanced legal automations. Acquiring Worldox will make this workflow product even more valuable and help it be applicable to all individuals in the legal world.

“Going forward, our focus will be integrating Worldox customers onto our cutting-edge platform at their own pace, while delivering on our commitment to all of our customers through continual innovation on the NetDocuments platform.” stated Josh Baxter, CEO of NetDocuments

Read more by clicking here - congratulations to both of these companies!

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